Volume 1 2015 Volume 2 2016

Volume 2 Issue 1

Ethnolinguistic Vitality of Punjabi in Pakistan: A GIDS Approach

Prof Dr Abbas Zaidi


Deconstructive Phenomenological Analysis of Sufi Discourse
Asma Manzoor



Discourse Analysis: Bulleh Shah's and Rumi's Poetry
Khalid Saifullah



Critical Discourse Analysis of Bulhe Shah's and Mast's Poetry

Naeem Dilpul


Sufism for Common Man
Sobia Ilyas

Volume 2 Issue 2

Study of Noun Phrase in Urdu

Aasim Ali, Mohammad Kamran, Shahid Siddiq, Sarmad Hussain



A Comparative Analysis of Effectiveness of Learner-centered Approach and Teacher-centered Approach in Writing Skills of Undergraduate Students

Arshad Khan, Maimoona Nazneen, Sumera Shan Ahmad, Amina Khalid


A Virtual Face: Disability Services Information on Universities' Website
Khalid Mahmood



Punjabi Probabilistic Context Free Grammar for Urdu

Neelam Mukhtar, Mohammad Abid Khan, Fatima Tuz Zuhra



Lexical Variation among Dialects as a Marker of Linguistic Boundaries in Pakistani Punjabi

Rabia Jamshaid