Volume 1 2015 Volume 2 2016

Volume 2 Issue 1

Ethnolinguistic vitality of Punjabi in Pakistan: A GIDS approach

Prof Dr Abbas Zaidi

Deconstructive Phenomenological Analysis of Sufi Discourse

Asma Manzoor


Discourse Analysis Bulleh Shah's and Rumi's Poetry

Khalid Saifullah


Critical Discourse Analysis of Bulhe Shah's and Mast's Poetry


Naeem Dilpul

Sufism for Common Man

Sobia Ilyas

Volume 2 Issue 2

Study of Noun Phrase in Urdu

Aasim Ali, Mohammad Kamran, Shahid Siddiq, Sarmad Hussain


A Comparative Analysis of Effectiveness of Learner-centered Approach and Teacher-centered Approach in Writing Skills of Undergraduate Students

Arshad Khan, Maimoona Nazneen, Sumera Shan Ahmad, Amina Khalid

A Virtual Face: Disability Services Information on Universities' Website

Khalid Mahmood


Punjabi Probabilistic Context Free Grammar for Urdu

Neelam Mukhtar, Mohammad Abid Khan, Fatima Tuz Zuhra


Lexical Variation among Dialects as a Marker of Linguistic Boundaries in Pakistani Punjabi

Rabia Jamshaid