Aiming to generate knowledge based scholarships that meets the best international standards in information systems research

The Journal encompasses a wide range of areas that define the scope of the journal:

Scope of the Journal

Aim of the Journal:

Journal of Information Systems Research (JISR) is bi-annual journal of University of Management and Technology, Lahore. The Journal provides a unique perspective on the theory and practice of information systems for worldwide readers. We persuade high quality research papers by academics, as well as case studies and insightful research papers by practitioners. The journal specifically focuses on theoretical development of the discipline and methodological rigor through scholarly contribution of theoretical, empirical, design, and analytical research. It intends to advance knowledge about the management of valuable and competent utilization of information systems by individuals, groups and organizations for improved economic performance. Bringing both academics and practitioners on a single platform will facilitate an exchange of new prospects in the discipline from the former and anecdotal evidence of best practices from the latter.
JISR contributes to compiling current un-published research in Information Systems discipline and encourages diversity in terms of theoretical bases and empirical methodologies. Thus we highly acknowledge papers which develop understanding and clarify the role of different dimensions of Information Systems while simultaneously addressing to the issue of acceptance of research cogency and authenticity. Research approach encouraged to focus on include qualitative, quantitative, mixed method and other appropriate techniques.
The Journal encompasses a wide range of areas that define the scope of the journal:

Scope of the Journal

The Journal encompasses a wide range of areas that define the scope of the journal:

* Information Systems Management/ Development

* Business Value for Information Systems

* Electronic Commerce, IT globalization

* Business Intelligence

* Business Analytics

* Decision support systems

* Information systems outsourcing

* Information systems performance

* Information systems planning

* Information systems as an enabling technology for competitive positioning / advantage

* Information systems as enabler of business processes and management *Behavioral impact of Information Systems on users and organizations

* Productivity paradox of information technology

* Robustness and security of information-technology infrastructures

* Data mining, knowledge discovery, data warehouse, OLAP, ontology

*Enterprise/executive information systems, ethics in IS

* Functional information systems, impacts of information systems

* IS education and training, simulation training/gamification

* Information Technology and Cultural Transformation

*Cultural Imperative of IT and its advancements

* Moderating Role of IT in Trans-humanistic Initiative

*Ethical Considerations in IT advancement

* Influence of IT on Personal Development

*Evolution of Human Behaviors in IT perspectives

* Green Information Systems