A step forward in data driven innovations

Journal of Quantitative Methods recognizes the role of quantitative analytical methods in business and economics. An in-depth understanding of the latest trends and developments is imperative for academia and industry to equip themselves for competitive advantage in the 21st century and beyond.

Subjects Areas

JQM addresses a broad range of areas which are relevant and reflective of business, economics and applied statistics. The scope of papers may include quantitative investigation into the following disciplines:

Actuarial Sciences

Experimental Designs

Agricultural Statistics

Financial Modeling

Applied Mathematics

Forensic Statistics

Applied Statistics

Game Theory

Bayesian Statistics


Big Data

Industrial Economics


Legal and Public Policy


Management Science

Business Analytics



Mathematical Economics

Computational Statistics

Mathematical Statistics and Probability Theory

Computer Experiments

Multivariate Statistics

Consumer Markets and Buying Behavior

Non-Parametric Statistics

Corporate Finance

Operations Research

Data Mining


Decision Analysis

Public Finance

Demographic Techniques

Regression Analysis


Reliability and Survival Analysis

Educational Statistics

Statistical Quality Control

Elasticity of Demand and Supply

Stochastic Processes


Survey & Survey Sampling Techniques

Environmental Statistics

Time Series Analysis

Key Audiences

  • Academicians and researchers in different fields at universities, business schools and industries
  • Chief Executives and Managing Directors
  • Strategic Development and Planning Managers, Statistical Heads and Trend Analyzers
  • Financial Consultants, Export Managers, Finance Managers, HR Managers and Directors
  • Managing and Marketing Directors
  • Business Strategists
  • Regional and Global Consultants
  • Product and Brand Managers, Brand Ambassadors and Logistics Managers
  • Professionals with strategic decision-making responsibility in organizations

Distinctive Features

  • Full open access: everyone can read your article when it is published
  • Publishing decision within 16 weeks of submission
  • Peer review from two or more experts
  • Frequent updates on your article’s status
  • Friendly and responsive staff

Material Published

  • Original and applied research which critically examines the inter-relationship between the natural, the governmental, the business, economics and the social dimensions of our world.
  • Fundamental and applied research on all aspects of business, quantitative methods and economics aspects.
  • Exploration of behavioral and managerial issues relating to all aspects of psychology and education from a global perspective.
  • General and technical reviews on innovative subjects which inform and stimulate debate.
  • Literature review or viewpoint on a particular topic or trend.