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The journal is exclusively designed to facilitate the interchange of information about Operations and Supply Chain Management among the researchers and business planners.


The journal aims to open avenues to exchange groundbreaking ideas, knowledge and experience by publishing manuscripts useful for business planners, researchers and professionals working in the field of operations and supply chain management and share their perspective and latest researches on new possible dimensions of Operations and Supply chain, thereby encouraging the exchange of experiences, new ideas and knowledge on a worldwide basis. SCOR encourages a cross functional and multi-disciplinary approach to the resolution of problems and exploitation of opportunities within the operations and supply chains.


The vision of the SCOR is to be one of the top journals of choice among supply chain management scholars across various disciplines, by attracting high-quality, high-impact behavioral research focusing on theory building and empirical methodologies.

Objectives and Focus

SCOR articles contribute to management practices using a variety of best theoretical and empirical papers to create a lively and valuable forum for exchange and discussion of ideas. SCOR provides an invaluable source for academicians and practitioners involved with:

  • Academic researchers in the field
  • Corporate and Academic Libraries
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management professionals

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