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SCOR seeks empirical, conceptual, theoretically grounded, strategically focused, relevant and rigorous, original research topics in Operations and Supply Chain Management.  The scope of the journal covers all the broad aspects relevant to supply chain and operations and not limited to the following topics:

  1. Operations / Supply chain strategy
  2. Operations / Supply chain design
  3. Operations / Supply chain planning
  4. Inventory planning and control
  5. Warehouse Management
  6. Material Management
  7. Procurement management
  8. Production Planning and Control
  9. Demand management
  10. Product design and supply chain
  11. Transportation and distribution
  12. Warehousing & material handling
  13. Logistics
  14. Outsourcing
  15. Disaster Supply Chains
  16. Lean manufacturing
  17. Quality management
  18. Green Supply Chains
  19. Product Design
  20. Reverse Logistics
  21. Ethical Supply Chains
  22. Performance measuring in Humanitarian Supply Chain
  23. Information systems for Supply Chains

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