BSR follows guidelines and policies of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in letter and spirit.


Editors have to declare any conflicts of interest, if any, related to the manuscript under evaluation. They have to ensure transparent double-blind peer-review process. The serving editorial team / board will not be entitled / eligible for any publication in the journal. However, they are welcome to contribute to the journal Editorials. The editors will ensure the confidentiality of the data and independent unbiased decision making. The editorial decisions, concerns or complaints will be dealt strictly within the editorial structure (editors, editors-in-chief, editorial boards or review boards).

Referees / Reviewers

The reviewers should ensure that the manuscript review-invitation is relevant to their expertise. The reviewers should also declare conflict of interest with the study if any. The reviewers are expected to submit an unbiased review-report containing comments and recommendations with constructive feedback. The reviewers should ensure the confidentiality of the data and a blind review process. To make the publication process swift, the reviewers are required to ensure the submission of the review report in the specified time period.


Authors are expected to adopt the general ethical standards in their research and writing. They must ensure that the manuscripts or any of its content has not been published or under consideration elsewhere. The manuscript must be checked for the similarity index, preferably through Turnitin, before the submission. The authors also must comply with the journal guidelines. The authors must also declare any conflict of interest and funding agencies.

If a published paper or its essential content is found to have been published before or if any other unethical conduct by the authors is verified, the journal will take one or more of the following actions:

  • Publishing a notice
  • Retracting the paper
  • Blacklisting the corresponding author from publishing in UMT Journals
  • Reporting the impropriety to the corresponding author(s), co-author(s), employer / institution, funding body, or other relevant agencies.

Experimental Ethics

For studies involving human or animal subjects, the authors must attach Biosafety and Bioethical approval from relevant statutory bodies. Moreover, the author(s) must include a statement declaring adherence to animal research reporting standards where applicable. The authors must ensure informed consent of human participants / subjects where applicable.


BSR publishes corrections only when significant errors arise from author error (Corrigenda) or editorial mistakes (Errata). If there is a serious complaint about a journal’s own procedures, the Editor-in-Chief will confer with the corresponding author and any relevant members of the editorial board in order to resolve the problem. The advisory board of Journal will be consulted if further guidance is required, and if the above procedures prove unacceptable, the matter will be referred for outside adjudication as per COPE guidelines.