Gaming Addiction in Adolescent Boys The Interplay of Anger Expression, Narcissistic Personality and Social Interaction Section Articles


Seemi Salahuddin
Amina Muazzam


The current study was conducted to assess the relationship between online gaming addiction, narcissistic personality, anger expression and social interaction among adolescent boys. Correlational research design was used and the sample was selected through non probability purposive sampling technique. Data was collected from adolescent boys (13-16 years) of five private schools of Lahore. Data was accumulated by using Anger Expression Scale (Shafaqat, 2016), Narcissistic Personality Scale (Ames, Rose, & Anderson, 2006) in Urdu version (Zafar & Kausar, 2016), Social Interaction and Technology Use Questionnaire (Henderson, 2001) in Urdu version (Zafar & Kausar, 2016) and Gaming Addiction Scale (Lemmens, Peter & Valkenburg, 2011) in Urdu version (Zafar & Kausar, 2016). Pearson product-moment correlation revealed that thereis a significant positive relationship between anger expression and gaming addiction (r=.25**,p < 0.01) among young adolescent boys. On the contrary, there exists a non-significant relationship between narcissistic personality and gaming addiction. There is also a significant negative relationship between social interaction and gaming addiction (r= -.10*,p < 0.05).The findings of this research will be helpful in determining the causes of gaming addiction in adolescent boys and to solve this problem among them.