Entries of Articles: Present your manuscripts/original copies by sending to our particular e-rnail i-e [email protected]

Plagiarism / Literary theft check:  Our Team is very prepared and knowledgeable in checking the uniqueness of the articles submitted. We will keep up the Global Standards in checking the plagiarism / genuinely of the work.

Editorial Board Review:  Every one of our articles are peer reviewed; each article will go through a single-blind peer-survey process. This can take extremely least time for our Editorial Board members to send your survey reports.

Article processing charge:  We do not charge for the  article handling to go through the procedure of printing.

Galley Proof Confirmation: We will send you the last Galley verification for experiencing the article before it can be printed. When we get the confirmation we can begin showing on the web.

Publication:  Publishing your articles on the web and communicating the volume and Issue links to your comparing email

Publication Ethics

 Ethical Standards: Journal of Art, Architecture and Built Environment follows the standards of transparency and best moral practices in scholarly publishing.

Plagiarism: Journal of Art, Architecture and Built Environment (JAABE) have strict arrangements against literary theft. Amid the accommodation, the writers require to express that their work isn't a duplicate of other distributed work and their article isn't submitted somewhere else (in full or to a limited extent). JAABE cross check each submitted article for the written falsification unfortunate behavior. Any entries containing mostly/totally copied content are dismissed promptly. If the author has utilized substance from any already distributed work and neglects to give credit to unique source then it will be considered as specialized unoriginality or Plagiarized and the original copy may be dismissed or withdrawn.

Irreconcilable Situations: Journal of Art, Architecture and Built Environment direct single blind peer review procedure to dodge clashes. The writers should take responsibility in uncovering/disclosing any conflicts of interest during article accommodation to maintain a strategic distance from any potential conflicts of interest.

Secrecy Protection: Journal of Art, Architecture and Built Environment embrace different measures to shield the privacy and trustworthiness of the author’s work. Editors, peer commentators and Editorial staff require keeping up the privacy of author’s work. It is morally not satisfactory and we, against to utilize or scatter the unpublished work.

Human and Animal Rights: All articles circulated by JAABE must hold fast to high moral norms concerning human volunteers and animal, welfare. For animal models and human volunteers ethical clearance letter and records are required, if appropriate.

Consents/Instances: Authors require the consent for production from all patrons and members of the work. Author is liable to provide the documents having the consents from all the contributors with their signatures.

Professional Behaviour: Editors, Commentators, Authors and the Editorial staff are liable to follow the professional respect/civility.