Authors’ Guidelines

In Organization Theory Review papers must be presented in anin-depth insight of innovative theoretical and practical contributions in relevant literature.Articles must have title with author’(s) name, affiliation and email address. Manuscripts should be submitted via email as MS word doc. file.

  • Manuscript must not be more than 5000 to 7000 words, including figures, references and tables. However, longer manuscripts can also be published in the journal.
  • Abstract must not exceed 250 words with 4 to 6 key words or descriptive phrases
  • Title must be written in 14 font size (Bold), while other headings must be of 12 font size (Bold)
  • Manuscript must be typed in 12-point font on A4 sized page, paginated and1.5 spaced
  • Margins should be set as top and bottom, left and right 1 inch
  • All pages should be numbered at right bottom
  • Paper format including referencing should follow American Psychological Association (APA)6th Edition style
  • Tables and figures must be incorporated within the same document, and should be numbered, the approximate position of tables and figures must be indicated in the paper. All figures and tables must be numbered consecutively and must have short descriptive captions.
  • All authors must have to fill a consent form that their manuscripts are comprised of original work; plagiarism duplication, fabrication and redundant publication are prohibited.

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