The Scientific Inquiry and Review (SIR) is recruiting reviewers in the different journal fields. 

More information about the journal can be found on

Reviewer requirements:

  • Must hold a primary or secondary academic faculty appointment at a university or research center
  • Must have one or more original research publications listed on his/her CV.
  • A statement of interest and most recent CV.
  • Willingness to review at least 1 manuscript in 6 months.
  • Readiness to commit to complete the assigned review within 14 days of request. If the reviewer is unable to complete the review within 14 days, she/he must notify the [email protected]

*Please see the Ethical policy and Peer Review Policy of the journal.

We welcome reviewers from Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other areas of pure and applied sciences. The peer-review process is a fundamental basis of scientific progress. We need your expertise as a reviewer to maintain the quality and efficiency of research.

 Interested reviewers should reply to this email address ([email protected]) with their interest stated and CV attached.

Please note that you will be contacted by a member of our Editorial team at your given email address if you qualify to serve as a reviewer. By sending us your CV you agree to be contacted about this opportunity.