Governance and Society Review (GSR) is a double blind peer reviewed, open access and biannual journal of University of Management and Technology, Lahore. GSR aims to publish theoretical and empirical research regarding challenges of Governance and Public Sector, and administrative processes that affect society. The journal intends to explore the practices, mechanisms, codes, processes and links between public sector challenges, issues of governance and their overall impact on the society. The issues of this journal will provide insights regarding latest trends and ideas in the field of public administration on the national and international level, stating new research as it develops. Authors are encouraged to contribute to the field of Public Administration and Governance by understanding of the issues and generate solutions with the help of fresh, insightful and well-grounded research. The onboard editorial board and reviewers will provide their constructive feedback and assist authors with the advancement of their manuscript.

 Aims and Objectives:

GSR seeks to enhance the scholarship of Public Administration through publishing fine quality empirical and theoretical research. Fresh ideas, fresh perspectives on exiting research and a way forward for future research areas in the field of Governance, Public Policy and Public Administration are welcomed to improve understanding of the public sector domain.

Scope & focus of Journal:

GSR aims to provide the academic and policy-making community with the ground breaking and high quality research. It addresses wide range of areas that are relevant to the Public Administration, Governance and Public Policy. The journal encourages empirical and organized investigations that clearly identify problems from a theoretical and practical perspective.