International Health Review <p style="text-align: justify;">International Health Review (IHR) is an open access peer-reviewed biannual journal that strives to lead the debate on multidisciplinary aspects of health and medical sciences and to publish high value productive research through a rigorous process of peer-review and evaluation in the field of health and medical sciences. The journal’s mission is to bring novel, significant, enduring, and advance research of prime importance to health practitioners, researchers and medical experts that addresses challenging questions in health and medical disciplines.</p> University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan en-US International Health Review 2791-0008 Comparing Prognosis of Hip Replacement Outcomes with and without Post-Operative Physiotherapy Sessions: A Five-Year Retrospective Review (2018-2022) <p>The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that supports body weight and is responsible for locomotion. Hip replacement surgery is mostly performed when hip pain significantly impedes daily life activities and when non-surgical treatments are ineffective in certain cases. The most common cause of hip replacement is damaged hip joint, which can cause arthritis. Therefore, physical therapy after the replacement surgery of major joints is generally considered helpful for a good prognosis. However, if the patients are given the usual care recommended by the surgeons, the patients recover in the same manner as they do with the physical therapy sessions or the physical therapy usually accelerates the recovery process and prevents future complications. Thus, the current study provides a comprehensive of the recovery of patients who have undergone hip arthroplasty, with or without physical therapy training programs.</p> Rimsha Ijaz Saba Riaz Sania Maqbool Copyright (c) 2023 International Health Review 2023-06-15 2023-06-15 3 1 1 19 10.32350/ihr.31.01 Effectiveness of Kinesio Taping versus Mulligan's Mobilization with Movement in Sub-acute Lateral Ankle Sprain in Footballers: A Randomized Controlled Trial <p>The current study aimed to compare the effectiveness of Kinesio Taping (KT) and Mulligan Mobilization with Movement (MWM) in conjunction with conventional physical therapy for sub-acute lateral ankle sprain in football players. For this purpose, a total number of 30 participants were randomly assigned to either the KT group or the MWM group. Furthermore, pain, disability, and functional capabilities were assessed using the Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS) and the Foot and Ankle Ability Measure (FAAM) before and after a 4-week intervention. The results showed that MWM with conventional physical therapy was more effective in relieving pain and improving mobility, strength, and functional status as compared to KT with conventional physical therapy. The study also suggested that MWM is a more beneficial treatment for footballers with a sub-acute lateral ankle sprain.</p> Abdul Qadeer Khan Samraiz Mughal Tooba Asif Maira Muneer Hurria Sehar Umema Tariq Copyright (c) 2023 International Health Review 2023-06-15 2023-06-15 3 1 20 32 10.32350/ihr.31.02 Examining Medial Longitudinal Arch: A Review of Symptom among the Multiparous Pregnant Women <p>To evaluate the changes in the medial longitudinal arch of the foot in the third trimester of pregnancy among multiparous women, A Cross-sectional observational study was conducted. Women of age 18-30 in 34-38 gestational weeks were included. Those women who were nulliparous, primiparous, flat foot prior to pregnancy, and had undergone through abortion were excluded from the study. The sample was collected by using non-probability purposive sampling and analyzed by SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences). <strong>&nbsp;</strong>Navicular drop test of the left foot was 36.4% negative and 63.6% positive, whereas for the right foot it was 52.7% negative and 47.3% positive. The study results indicated that the changes in the medial longitudinal arch of the left foot were more evident as compared to the right foot.</p> Zil e huma Mehwish Khalid Arooj Fatima Hassan bin Akram Zehra Zaman Mehran Basat Copyright (c) 2023 International Health Review 2023-06-15 2023-06-15 3 1 33 43 10.32350/ihr.31.03 A Comparative Study to Analyze the Perspectives, Interests, and Barriers Towards Research Project Among Undergraduate Students in The Universities of Faisalabad <p>Research plays a vital role in evaluating a nation's scientific progress, especially in the field of medical science. The purpose of the study was to analyze and compare the perspectives, interests, and barriers encountered by undergraduate students in Physical Therapy and Human Nutrition and Dietetics concerning research. It was a cross-sectional study. Study settings included GCUF, UAF and TUF. The study was conducted from September 2019 to February 2020. 148 participants were recruited according to the defined selection criteria. Employing a simple random sampling methodology, data was gathered exclusively from final-year undergraduate students pursuing DPT and HND, using a modified questionnaire. From 148 students (66 HND, 82 DPT), 38.5% of participants acknowledged the constructive and beneficial nature of research. Additionally, 36.49% strongly expressed their desire to delve into the intricacies of research. The Chi-square test demonstrated no statistically significant differences in perspectives, interests, and barriers toward research projects between HND and DPT students (p&gt;0.05). The students' perspectives and interests in research were predominantly positive, reflecting their enthusiasm and curiosity. However, they also faced notable barriers and challenges including inadequate time and monetary support, insufficient training for research, and lack of supervision that hindered their engagement in research projects.</p> Muhammad Shoaib Anam Fatima Kaiynat Shafique Zamin Abbas Syed Hafiz Muhammad Almas Sabir Iqra Tahir Urooj Manzoor Copyright (c) 2023 International Health Review 2023-06-15 2023-06-15 3 1 44 58 10.32350/ihr.31.04