Economist's Insight to a Win-Win


The mission of EER is to provide a knowledge platform ensuring authenticity and reliability of new models and their implication in the field of business and economics to traverse them into new processes, mechanisms, tools and techniques.


EER envisions to hold highest standards of economic integrity featuring up to date contributions covering both the theoretical and practical domains of economics and providing an intellect exchange forum for the economics experts.


The core objective is to provide a unique platform for the academicians, practitioners and policymakers around the globe to exchange and publish the economic and financial concepts, research, and best practices to frame the public policy.

EER aims at publishing original empirical research papers, selected through rigorous double blind peer review. Moreover, EER strongly stimulates debate amongst the scholars, researchers, practitioners and policymakers globally with a view to define the standardized practices and skills to evaluate the effective responses for tomorrow’s challenges.

EER further encourages the guest editors to submit their proposals for special issues addressing specific issues of the broad theme of the journal or resulting from relevant conferences. EER will also consider theme-special issues with a focus on a particular country or a region.


Our mission is guided by significant core values:

  • We value high-quality research publication in the field of business, quantitative methods and economics.
  • We cultivate and advocate ethical behavior during publication process.
  • We respect our members' opinions and seek to amplify their ideas.


EER's core focus is to augment the novelty through latest research in economics and finance which authenticates economic models with econometrics procedures, tools, techniques and concepts with implications in the field of economics to bridge the gap between academicians and practitioners. EER publishes latest research manuscripts containing policies in relevant to present day issues.