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Submission Guidelines for Authors

Following are the general guidelines for preparing the manuscript for submission in EER.

  1. Article must fit in EER's Aims and Scope.
  2. Manuscript must comply with the APA 6th edition referencing and formatting requirements.
  3. Manuscript must not be more than 7000 words excluding tables and figures.
  4. Manuscript must be written in English (UK).
  5. Manuscript must not have similarity value more than 19% from sources other than author's own thesis. And if the manuscript is extracted from thesis / dissertation then he / she must provide the proof with the copy of similarity report and thesis certificate.
  6. Author must provide their official email address and respond to the comments provided by editorial team, and reviewers in stip­ulated time provided to ensure smooth process.
  7. Author must provide tables and figures in editable format which is compatible in black and white printing.
  8. Author must submit a compliance report in a separate document and a manuscript with track able changes in response to reviewer comments. 
  9. Submitted manuscript must be solely submitted in EER and must not be simultaneously submitted / under review at more than one place.
  10. There should not be any conflict of interest between the authors, funding agency (if any) and the journal.
  11. The data used in the study must be publically available if it is secondary otherwise it may be provided when required by the editorial board.
  12. The order or number of authors will not be changed once the review process has been started.
  13. Once accepted for publication, it is the responsibility of the cor­responding author to provide signed copyright transfer form from co-authors within the stipulated time.
  14. The journal does not charge any article processing charges or article submission fee.

      During the process of manuscript review followings are the documents that are required to be filled frrom the author

      1. Author Consent Form 

      2. Author ORCID ID Form 

      3. Checklist for Manuscript Submission

      4. Copyrights Transfer Form 

      5. Disclouser of Interests

      6. Sample Cover Letter

      7. CV of Authors