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JFAR’s mission is to serve as an eminent forum for the promotion and dissemination of contemporary research in all the major fields of finance and accounting by publishing theoretical and empirical scholarly research articles.



JFAR envisions sharing of knowledge through free exchange of ideas and improving communications within and between the academic communities, policy and operational decision makers at financial institutions and regulators.


Aims and Objective

JFAR aims to provide an outlet for increasing the flow of scholarly research in finance and accounting. As reflected by our broadly based editorial board, the JFAR balances empirical, theoretical and conceptual scholarly contributions.

JFAR welcomes original research contributions that provide meaningful insights into the subject areas. We feel privileged to invite scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to send their and scholarly contributions to the journal. The JFAR is a peer-reviewed journal with the review procedure based on double-blind principle.



Our mission is guided by the core values:

  • We value high-quality scholarly contributions in the area of finance and accounting to promote dialogue and discussion on the contemporary issues.
  • We value emerging research that leads to generating great interest and unique perspective to critical issues in emerging markets and Pakistan in particular.
  • We advocate and support integrity and intellectual ethical standards during the publication process. 



The core focus of JFAR is on theoretical developments their implementation, empirical, and policy-oriented significant and new research all the major areas in finance and accounting. Its focus is on applied research and to bridge the gap between financial theories and practice. In this journal, there are no charges or fee associated with submitting to or publishing. However, we highly encouraged all papers from related field on any region or country.