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The Journal of Finance and Accounting is an academic journal that explores the wide range of academic disciplines.  JFAR is available in electronic version and is published yearly. Our accelerated review process allows for a thorough analysis by expert peer-reviewers as compared to other academic publication, it is more valuable when it is done within the timeline.

JFAR welcomes submissions that explore the finance and accounting as related globally. Because JFAR takes a broad and inclusive view of the study of both finance and accounting, this publication outlet is suitable for a wide variety of interests.

Throughout the year authors, at any time are invited to submit their work. Submission criteria and requirements should be reviewed carefully.

Standards for peer-review are rigorously maintained by JFAR. We endorse you to consider JFAR if you believe that your submission meets our criteria.

If you have any questions regarding this journal or submission requirements, please feel free to contact us.