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English language is recognized as the lingua franca of publication internationally. The benefits of adopting English as a basic language of publication are that it brings about the possibilities of potential readers and also encourages the authors to present their research work throughout the globe.

The journal is a scholarly publication embodying research papers from a variety of disciplines. The content of the research papers and dissertations tends to be complex and contains a great deal of complicated data and other information that must be carefully presented and explained. Every detail must be correct, the text as a whole must be carefully organized, consistent and the author’s writing must be clear and devoid of any errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation. It is absolutely essential to proofread each and every page, part and element with eyes sharply focused, editing and revising is necessary to produce a text that is just right and is able to be presented universally.

UMT provides professional English editing services exclusively for the authors who are willing to present their research work in the journals. These papers are carefully scrutinized by our professional proofreaders who help to ensure the accuracy of the paper by resolving any problems with the language, formatting and references to conform to the international standards for journal publications.