A step forward in data driven innovations

Volume 3, Issue 1; Feb 28, 2019


Editor's Report

Editorial Invited by Editor-in-Chief

Amjad D. Al-Nasser
The Journey from Entropy to Generalized Maximum Entropy
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Detecting Stationarity of GDP: A Test of Unit Root Tests
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Adeela Khalil and Umar Farooq
Determinants of Net Interest Margins in Emerging Markets: A Generalized Methods of Moment Approach
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Rana Ijaz Ali Khan and Sarwat Farooq
Corruption, Political Instability and Sustainable Development: The Interlinkages
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Muhammad Tariq Majeed
Quality of Life and Globalization: Econometric Evidence from Asian Economics
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Arslan Khalid
Nexus between Financial Development and Investment in Pakistan: A Vector Autoregressive Model Approach
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