The International Journal of Urban & Regional Planning (IJURP) aims to publish research addressing challenges and opportunities in urban development in the global south, focusing on South Asia. The rapid pace of urbanization in the global south has presented planning professionals with unique challenges. Often, local governments lack adequate own source revenue that limits their ability to plan and deliver municipal infrastructure and services. IJURP aspires to become a valuable resource of scholarly and professional knowledge for engineers, economists, planners, and policymakers committed to improving development outcomes in the global south.

IJURP welcomes new scholarship addressing the challenges and innovative solutions, at times advanced by communities, to meet the demands of rapid urbanization. IJURP welcomes submissions in various formats such as academic papers (3000 – 7000 words), development briefs by practitioners about current or recently completed urban development projects (up to 2,000 words),  book reviews, assessment of new or unique sources of planning related open data or software. In addition, the IJURP also welcomes submissions for an urban development blog (500 – 1,500 words) to disseminate knowledge to a broader readership. The urban development blog encourages advanced data visualization techniques to demonstrate changes over time and space.

The editorial board of IJURP is committed to fast review cycles with 15 to 20 days of decision time for manuscripts conducted by a distinguished editorial board.


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Dr. Haider is a professor of Data Science and Real Estate Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He also serves as the research director of the Urban Analytics Institute. Professor Haider holds an adjunct professorship of Engineering at McGill University. In addition, he is a director of Regionomics Inc., a boutique consulting firm specializing in the economics of cities and regions. Dr. Haider’s online training courses in data science and analytics have been attended by hundreds of thousands of learners across the globe.

Dr. Haider is the author of Real Estate Markets: An Introduction (2020), and Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics (2016). Professor Haider’s research interests include business analytics, data science, housing market dynamics, transport/infrastructure/urban planning, and human development in Canada and South Asia.

Professor Haider is a syndicated columnist with Post Media. His weekly column on real estate markets appears nationally in The Financial Post and local newspapers, including Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Sun, and Montreal Gazette. Since 2010, Dr. Haider has authored over 260 blogs on socio-economic development in Pakistan for the Dawn newspaper.

Dr. Murtaza Haider holds a Master’s in transport engineering and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto.