Employing Sentiment Analysis to Enhance Customer Relationships for Mobile Phone Operators Working in Pakistan

  • Imran Saleem University of Management and Technology
  • Asad Jamil Faculty of Information & Communication Technology
  • Mira Aamir Mehmood Department of Information & Communication Technology, Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering, and Management Sciences, Quetta, Pakistan
Keywords: Sentiment Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, Data Science, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Social Media Analytics


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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a process through which a company or organization manages its contacts and coordinates with customers, usually by analyzing vast volumes of data. CRM systems collect information from a variety of sources, such as a company's website, phone, email, live chat, marketing materials, and, more recently, social media. Active coordination with the customers is the key to improving the quality of service being provided by a business. Social media has been proven a great tool for accessing and awareness of public opinion regarding a particular topic and opinion forming.  Thus, CRM enables organizations to gain a better understanding of their target audiences and how to best respond to their demands, resulting in client retention and sales growth. Sentiment analysis can be characterized as a qualitative approach to data mining that recognizes and separates subjective data as a source, to help an organization understand public opinion regarding the service and products it offers. In this study, Twitter data is analyzed to perform sentiment analysis, for enhancing the quality of service provided by Mobile Phone operators working in Pakistan. After the analysis, the produced results will be very helpful for the Mobile Phone Operators to make smart decisions for enhancing their Customer Relationship Management concerning quality-of-service improvement.


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Saleem, I., Jamil, A., & Mehmood, M. A. (2023). Employing Sentiment Analysis to Enhance Customer Relationships for Mobile Phone Operators Working in Pakistan. Journal of Applied Research and Multidisciplinary Studies, 4(1). https://doi.org/10.32350/jarms.41.09