Islamic Banking Financing Effect on Growth


Afia Mushtaq
Noman Arshed
Dr. Rukhsana Kalim


The study is an attempt to explore the transmission channel through which development in Islamic banking could lead to economic growth. In order to determinethis transmission mechanism, the estimation based Vector Error Correction model (VECM) is used. This study has tested Murabaha, Ijarah and Diminishing Musharaka as proposed Islamic financial products because of their majority share in Islamic financing. This study has tested two co-integrated systems in the VECM model. The first system tests the effect of an increase in financing in Islamic banking products on the net financing of Islamic banks and the second system tests the effect of net financing of Islamic banks on economic growth. The results indicate that the financing done by Islamic banking products positively affects economic growth in Pakistan. Also, the net financing of Islamic banks is significantly based on financing in Ijarah and Murabaha. Hence, this study highlights the growth potential of Islamic banking which is gaining shares in the overall banking system of Pakistan.