Islamic Finance Education Is There a Misallocation of Resources Between Curriculum and Academic Talent? Section Articles


Mohamed Aslam Haneef


The numerical global growth rates of Islamic Finance (IF) have been impressive over the last two decades, albeit a slight slow-down in recent years. As a response to this impressive growth rate, Islamic Finance education boomed during the last decade, with the aim of filling the apparent demand for graduates in Islamic Finance. This presentation will shed light on two specific issues. Firstly, what is the actual demand for human resource in Islamic Finance and is there really an excessive demand for Islamic Finance graduates? Secondly, is there a misallocation of resources between curriculum requirements of a standard Islamic Finance curriculum and the structure of academic talent teaching Islamic Finance? The presentation will share findings from the Malaysian Islamic Finance Education Report 2016 that highlights areas of concern. With the tremendous growth of Islamic Finance education in Pakistan in recent years, it is hoped that these findings will lead to a healthy debate about the curriculum structure and human resource planning that should be given serious attention by all stakeholders involved in Islamic Finance education.