Editor-in-Chief's Message

It is to announce with much joy and anticipation that we celebrate the launch of Audit and Accounting Review (AAR) with this inaugural issue. On behalf of the AAR Editorial Team, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the readership of AAR. I take this opportunity to thank our authors, editors, and anonymous reviewers who have volunteered to contribute to the success of the journal. An enormous amount of work has been done for the development of this journal, and I believe you will see that effort reflected in this edition. It will also have a great impact on this field. It has been an interesting journey in many aspects.

AAR is dedicated to the rapid dissemination of high-quality research papers on the advances in management and social sciences that can help us meet the challenges of the 21st century. We welcome contributions that can demonstrate near-term practical usefulness, particularly contributions that take a multidisciplinary/convergent approach because many real-world problems are complex in nature. AAR provides an ideal forum for the exchange of information on all of the above topics and more in various formats including full-length and letter-length research papers, survey papers, case studies / best practice articles written by industry experts, and tutorials on up-and-coming research developments. AAR will publish twice a year. To ensure rapid dissemination of information, we aim at completing the review process of each paper within 30 days of initial submission.

We encourage the submission of articles in the above-mentioned fields of interest. Our interest in promoting these topics/themes as important features of AAR is clearly reflected in the makeup of the editorial team. I wish my warm welcome to the new members of the Editorial Board of the journal. Together we would work towards making the journal a truly influential publication. Comments, suggestions, and special issue proposals are always welcome.

Dr. Muhammad Hassan Danish
Editor-in-Chief, AAR