Applied Psychology Review (APR) - a double-blind peer-reviewed journal focus on the publication of original and empirical investigations, based on the theoretical understanding that contributes new knowledge and understanding to various fields, sub fields and allied fields of Applied Psychology. The main focus is on the research articles written to understand human behavior, cognitive, motivational, affective, and behavioral phenomena in different settings. Those phenomena can be at individuals, groups, organizations, or cultures; in business, education, training, health, service, government, or military institutions; and in the public or private sector, for-profit or non-profit organizations.

Aims and Objectives

This journal aims to develop, promote and expand the knowledge and practice of Psychology to the benefit of society. We endeavor to support, propagate and encourage research in the areas of clinical, counseling, social, forensic, criminal, organizational/ industrial, health, and educational Psychology , as well ass psychology of gender, sports, media, and leadership. 


This journal encourages articles from the different specialized fields of psychology including clinical, counseling, social, gender, forensic, criminal, organizational/ industrial, health, education, sports, media, and leadership. The original articles based on empirical data are preferred. Further, brief reports, review articles, and case studies are also be considered for publication in APR. The main focus of this journal is to provide effective input in applied domains of psychology and hence to help the betterment of the community.  

Distinctive Features

  • No manuscript submission charges
  • No manuscript processing or publication charges
  • OJS as Journal Management System
  • DOI of your articles
  • QR code of your articles
  • Full open access: everyone can read your article when it is published
  • Double-blind peer-review from three or more experts
  • Frequent updates on your article’s status
  • Proofreading, reference checking, and formatting services
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