Role of Teachers in Building the Concept of Sustainable Development: Success or Failure


Ayaz Muhammad Khan
Amber Jamshaid
Tayyibah Roohi
Amna Ramzan


Sustainable Development (SD) is a rich, challenging and thought-provoking construct in social sciences. The main purpose of this paper was to identify and explore the role played by primary school teachers in building up the idea of sustainable development (SD) among students. This paper was intended to identify that how a teacher can successfully execute the concept of SD by influencing students’ minds at the primary level. Quantitative survey technique were utilized for data collection. All the primary school teachers of Lahore division comprised the population of the study. Through multistage sampling technique, 352 primary school teachers were selected as participants of the study. A self-developed SD questionnaire incorporating four major factors (teachers’ awareness, pedagogy, curricular and co-curricular activities) with Cronbach’s alpha value = .93 was used to measure the role of teachers in building the sustainability concept among students at primary level. The results indicated a significant mean score difference among SD scores of teachers, sector wise (private and public). Furthermore, the results also reconnoitered the significant difference (p=.04) between the mean scores of female and male teachers in building up the SD concept in students’ minds.


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Muhammad Khan, A., Jamshaid, A., Roohi, T., & Ramzan, A. (2020). Role of Teachers in Building the Concept of Sustainable Development: Success or Failure. Journal of Applied Research and Multidisciplinary Studies, 1(1), 48–62.