Clinical and Counselling Psychology Review – CCPR Founded in 2017, the CCPR is a peer-reviewed forum devoted to research, assessment, and practice. CCPR is a bi-annual journal that includes original research articles, review articles, and single case studies.


This journal aims to develop, promote and expand the knowledge and practice of Psychology to the benefit of society. Both these branches of Psychology; Clinical and Counseling are dedicated to promoting mental health functioning. We endeavor to support, propagate and encourage research on issues and challenges endemic to our society and find indigenous ways of applying the findings to help the public and professionals alike. 


We currently cater to different groups and sub-specializations of Clinical and Counseling Psychology. Our objectives include systematic appraisals of different segments of populations of different ages and psychosocial levels who may need our services. We hope to expand the journal in the near future to many other areas of psychology, particularly in marital health, marital counseling, and child development. We would like to focus on research on the prevention of psychological problems in children.

One of our objectives for the near future is to invite local as well as foreign readers to contribute. Every year we hold a national or international conference which is well attended and supported by researchers from home and abroad.  


CCPR welcomes original research articles, single case, and experimental studies relating to local, cultural, and social issues. Also, CCPR accepts papers on psychopathology, psycho-diagnostics, psychological assessments, psychotherapeutic techniques, clinical counseling, bio-psycho-social model of mental health, health psychology, school psychology, and community-related psychological issues that exemplify the application of current theories and practices in the field. 

The scope of our services is linked to the production of knowledge and its effective application. We have taken the first steps to bring Clinical Psychology and Clinical Counseling out of the confines of the institutions and into the community.

Distinctive Features

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  • Full open access: everyone can read your article when it is published
  • Double-blind peer-review from three or more experts
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