Machiavellian Personality Tendencies and Interpersonal Difficulties in University Students


Aqsa Khaliq
Umaiza Bashir
Dr. Zahid Mahmood


Interpersonal relationships are a very important part of the university life of a person. To explore the relationship between interpersonal difficulties and personality traits, a sample of 300 students in the age range of 18-28 years (M=22.04) was taken from different government and private universities. To measure the Machiavellian Personality Tendencies among students an indigenous tool was developed rooted inthe Pakistani culture. Interpersonal Difficulties Scale (Saleem, Ihsan, & Mahmood, 2014) was used. It was revealed that students with high Machiavellian Personality Tendencies have more interpersonal difficulties and Machiavellian Personality Tendencies, gender, family system and birth order are significant predictors of interpersonal difficulties in university students. These results are discussed in the Pakistani cultural context and their implications are stated for future research and therapeutic work.