A Scientific Study of Religion as a Catalyst to Bring Positive Change in Human Behavior


Prof. Dr. Naveed Shibli
Prof. Dr. Mudassir Ahmad
Prof. Anwar ul Haq
Prof. Dr. Hafiz Hameedullah
Noshaba Anjum
Dr. Alia Randhawa
Dr. Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Adeeb Nasir


It is a fact well-established that religion has influenced humankind throughout the course of history irrespective of the strength of its influence and its permanence that reflects its relatedness with human existence. It was assumed that the lesser befitting implementation of ‘modernity’ in the ancient tradition of religion is one of the causes of low religious productivity and less positivity in the present day life. Perhaps this is the case with all the Abrahamic religions. An amalgamation of tradition and moderation in a chain of a school system was assessed. The psychological and scientific follow up of the outcome supported the fact that religion has the ability to bring in positive and desirable ‘behavioral change’ in a given direction and to contribute towards ‘peace’ which is an internationally known positivity.