Quality of Life, Resilience and Depression among Adolescents with Asthma


Seerat Shaikh
Umm E Rubab Kazmi


Objectives: The study aims to explore the relation among Quality of life (QoL), resilience and depression among adolescents with and without asthma.

Method: Cross-sectional research design was used. Purposive sampling technique was used to collect data from 200 adolescents (with asthma= 100, without asthma= 100) from government and private hospitals and schools. Children and Youth Resilience Measure Scale CYRM was translated into Urdu language. Available urdu translated versions of Kutcher Adolescent Depression Scale KADS (Khan, 2014) and World Health Organization Quality of Life- BREF Scale WHOQOL- BRIEF (Khalid & Kausar, 2008) were administered on participants along with CYRM and demographic sheet. Descriptive statistics, t-test and correlation were used for statistical analysis.

Results: Findings reveal that there is a negative correlation between resilience and depression (r=-.61⃰ ⃰). There is significant positive relation between resilience and health related quality of life (r=.80⃰ ⃰). Also there are significant mean differences between adolescents with and without asthma regarding all study variables. Gender differences were also found regarding resilience and QoL in adolescents with asthma but no significant gender differences found on depression.

Conclusion: This study explores the differences between two groups (adolescents with and without asthma) on QoL, resilience and depression. This study will be helpful for school counselors to devise self esteem building and resilience training programs for the well being of students. 



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