Defining the Design Process: Methodology and Creation

Keywords: Creation, design process, methodology, scientific evaluation, thoretical framework


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The current study is unique in its emphasis on investigating design operation and concept from multiple scientific perspectives: including invention, technique, and design components. This research tends to study the methodology and creation of design process in a holistic manner so that the readers may grasp their characteristics and properties down to its minute epistemological detail. The investigation of the design concept is where the real groundwork and pressing need for the study begin. Creation and methodology are two primary concepts in relation to design these relationships can be formed in any design because of the various forces that act upon it. The primordial objective of this study is to evaluate the relationship between methodology and creative sides of design on epistemological grounds.


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Author Biography

Furat Jamal Hassan, College of fine arts, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Dr.Furat Jamal Hassan

Assistant professor

Design philosophy, Art history, Art & Design theories and fashion design  

College of fine arts

University of Baghdad

00964 7702517090


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