How to Make a Submission

After ensuring the compliance with the below-mentioned format, authors can submit their manuscripts here or email at [email protected]


A manuscript submitted to the Journal of Public Policy Practitioners (JPPP) must be original, comprehensive, ample and unpublished work. It is duty of the author to verify the use of symbols, units, figures, tables, abbreviations and other technical terms for accuracy, reliability and regularity. The words, which specify gender such as he and she must be avoided, in, and use of the third person pronoun will be invigorated. The journal holds the rights to maintain its style and technical quality. In this regard, failure of authors in observance of manuscript submission policies may result into delay in the process of its publication.

Style Guide

The content of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman with 12 font size.

Length of the Research Paper

Manuscripts should range between 4,000 to 8,000 words, however, the Editor may consider longer manuscripts, which deal with topics that cannot be sufficiently covered under these restrictions. In such cases, the authors are obliged to arrange an exception in advance.


All manuscripts should be clear and concise, written in good English. 


All the references (including in-text references) to the cited works must be listed in the APA 7th style at the end of the paper. The number of references should fall between 15 and 50. Footnotes are not encouraged in APA style.

Sections of Manuscript

The research articles must consist of different sections as well as subsections, which should be arranged and organized according to the requirements described below.

1. Title of the Manuscript

The title should be written in bold and its font size should be 14. It should be center justified.

2. The Authors’ Name(s) and Affiliations

The name of the principal author (s) and co-authors (if any) should be written under the title of the manuscript. Other informatory details, including the designation of the author(s), his / her / their current affiliations and e-mails should be given after his / her / their names. The line under the title of the article contains the full name of each author. The corresponding author should be clearly mentioned.

3. Abstract

The abstract should consist of clear and concise summary of the whole manuscript. It should of 200-300 words delineating in only one paragraph the aim of the study, its scope, method, major findings conclusion of the paper. It should not contain citations, tables and figures, etc. 

4. Keywords

Offer maximum of 6 keywords directly after the abstract. The words such as 'and', 'of' and/or abbreviations should not be listed. However; the well-known abbreviations may be incorporated.

5. Organization of Text Body

It should consist of the following sections:

  1. Introduction of the Study
  2. Review of the Literature
  3. Research Method and Methodology

Manuscript Submission Requirements

Manuscripts that fulfill the journal’s requirements will be yielded to the Editor of the Journal for review. Manuscripts should be submitted in Word format. The corresponding author is supposed to provide a cover letter, which should enlist essential details such as subject category, and contact details, etc.

How are the Manuscripts assessed?

Once manuscripts are approved by the editors, they are sent for an external peer review process, includes an international panel of research expertsThe manuscripts are reviewed by those, who are expert in the relevant fields. They check the quality of study in relation to its significance in its field.

For APA style formating, kindly click on the link, APA STYLE FORMATTING and make sure your manuscipt follows same pattern 

Note: Please visit JPPP's policies and guidelines prior to making a submission.