Human Capital Development and Employee Job Satisfaction in Public Tertiary Institutions of Kogi State, Nigeria

Keywords: employee skills, employee job satisfaction, human capital development, job promotion, staff retention, social safety and health care


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This research aims to study the Human Capital Development (HCD) and the job satisfaction of staff in public tertiary institutions in Kogi State, Nigeria. The sample size of 126 participants was selected using a multistage sampling technique. Descriptive statistics, simple and stepwise multiple regression, and Pearson correlation matrix were employed for the data analysis. The findings showed that perceived safety culture in the institution and access to medical facilities have a strong influence on the employee’s satisfaction in the Public Tertiary Institutions in Kogi State. Moreover, it was concluded that investment in the human capital development is a panacea for issues related to job satisfaction. It was also suggested that Public Tertiary Institutions in Kogi State must give attention to social safety and health care services. Furthermore, it was recommended that the management of Public Tertiary Institutions should increase investment in HCD to facilitate, improve and sustain the career development and its safety culture to access the medical facilities. These facilities are crucial for the increased job satisfaction of staff in the Public Tertiary Institutions in Kogi State.


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Author Biography

Sember Jennifer Orga, Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba, Nigeria

Department of Business Administration/ Master Student


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