University of Management and Technology is publishing a bi-annual peer reviewed research Journal of international standard titled  ‘Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization’ (JITC). The Journal has a truly global circulation and appeal and is well received by academics and researchers worldwide. Seven issues have been published since the birth of the project in 2011 and the next three issues are in the pipeline.

The first two issues constituted a selection of research articles that were presented in a National Conference on “Islam and Modernity” (2009), and International Conference on “Islamic Civilization: Potentials and Challenges” (2011). The third issue covered a rather diverse spectrum from economics to philosophy; wealth management in Islam to Foucault’s refutation of religion. The fourth issue comprised of the aesthetic aspect of Muslim culture, i.e., the Architecture of Uzbekistan to the Epigraphy of Bengal and Andalusia to the Sufi tradition of Imam al-Ghazali. The fifth issue included key research articles ranging from the definition of the Islamic tradition to a postmodern take of research in Arkoun. The sixth issue uncovered views and cases of the concept of the evil eye to problems that arise from estate distribution according to Muslim laws of inheritance in Ilorin, Nigeria. The latest issue uncovered the impact of the Arab ‘Spring’ in Jordan and moved on to explore the Postcolonial hybridity present in English literature.

From the above overview of the publishing history of the JITC, it can be seen that this publication provides a key platform for Social scientists, researchers, postgraduate students and scholars of the Humanities. We strive to encourage and stimulate research in Islamic thought and civilization and open up new avenues for debate, discussion and growth in the field. Contributors may focus on various aspects and shades of Islamic Thought and Civilization including comparative theology, oriental and occidental studies, modernity and its tenants, Islamic Art and Architecture and contemporary issues like Islamophobia, to name a few.

The Editorial Board invites call for papers on the following themes for the up-coming issues:

  • Fall 2019:            Anthropology of Islam
  • Spring 2020:      Islam and Postmodern Debates

Please Note that Call for Papers is not limited to the above-mentioned titles only. You can choose any topic related to these themes.

You are welcome to submit a research paper for subsequent blind peer review and publication in the Journal. You are also requested to disseminate information regarding the Journal to your colleagues who may be interested in making a submission of their own.

The last date to submit your manuscript for Issue Spring 2018 is  April 30, 2018 and for Issue Fall 2018 is  July 30, 2018.

Book Reviews

The Editorial Board of the Journal also welcomes Book Reviews submissions. The book under review must be published in recent years and review should pro¬vide readers with a clear understanding of the author’s thesis and book’s content. The review must also present a critical and thoughtful appraisal of the text.  The review submission should not be under review by other publications.