Article Review Process

The processing time for an article is at least 3-4 months after the submission. The review process consists of an editorial review by internal Editorial Committe of JITC and peer reviews. 

The standard procedure of an initial editorial review by the internal editorial committee consists of the content, scope, formatting, citations according to recommended Style, i.e., Chicago Manual of Style, (Bibliographies and Notes format) and is usually completed in three to four weeks.

 Peer Review Policy

Submitted manuscripts, having been accepted by the editors after their preliminary perusal are then forwarded to Reviewers for double blind peer review in which the identities of both, the author and reviewer are hidden from the reviewers and vice versa. The reviews are conducted by two academics, one local and one foreign.

Please bear in mind that the peer review process takes another two- three months. Therefore, the contributors are expected to bear with us as we complete the process to ensure, that the JITC adheres to the highest quality standards.


The Editor reserves the right to copy-edit and make necessary amendments to the submitted text. The editor also reserves the right to modify or omit material if deemed unsuitable for publication. However, all responsibility for opinions expressed in articles as well as the precision of stated facts rests with the author and not with the editors of the Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization.