The Socio-Economic Impact of Syrian Refugees on Labor in Jordan Case Study on Local Communities in Mafraq Governorate Section Articles


Abdelmahdi Alsoudi


Jordan is heavily affected by the influx of over 1.4 million Syrians among them 655,000 registered refugees. Today, the country has been struggling to provide housing, water, education, healthcare and jobs to its increased population and this huge number of Syrian refugees. When Syrians first arrived to Jordan they received assistance and sympathy from the host communities but once it became clear that they are here to stay and started to compete with local population for food, housing, jobs and services things started to change. Host communities in Mafraq and elsewhere in the country became weary of refugees, as the two groups have to compete over such scarce socio-economic resources and would rather see Syrians go back to their country. The study recommends more international aid to Jordan to enable the government to provide food, jobs and services to its population and refugees. The government should provide economic aid for the local population in Mafraq to help them cope with the refugees’ crisis.


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Abdelmahdi Alsoudi. 2020. “The Socio-Economic Impact of Syrian Refugees on Labor in Jordan”. Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization 10 (1), 01-23.


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