Islamic Perspective Regarding the Promotion of Health and Participation in Sports Activities


Wasim Khan
Asif Ali
Salahuddin Khan
Naveed Yazdani


Sound health is considered a prerequisite for performing any action, whether it is participation in sports or performing any other activity of life. From the perspective of Islam, health and fitness are imperative for the appropriate performance of various religious obligations. Sports and other physical activities are considered very effective means to achieve good health. In this paper, the researchers analyzed diverse Islamic standards and rules with reference to participation in games. Moreover, researchers also analyzed the preservation and maintenance of health in the light of the teachings of Islam. After a brief discussion, it was concluded that the Islamic approach is very clear and Islam endorses the upkeep and maintenance of health, fitness and physical power. It was also concluded that sports and other physical activities of today are variations of such activities performed in the past. The study also claims that Islam promotes involvement in leisure sports and other physical activities carried out to strengthen the body and to retain fitness, while observing Islamic teachings, formulated rules and regulations. It can be inferred that the Holy Prophet (SAW) not only took part in different games but also convinced and encouraged his disciples to take part in sporting activities.


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Khan, Wasim, Asif Ali, Salahuddin Khan, and Naveed Yazdani. 2020. “Islamic Perspective Regarding the Promotion of Health and Participation in Sports Activities”. Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization 10 (1), 364-74.


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