JCCT believes that knowledges dissemination among academic community demands transparency in publishing process. Published articles known as “Version of Record “considered as complete, accurate to the best of its possibility, complete and citable. JCCT describe this “Version of Record” as the article paginated in a volume and issue or the initial article publication for open access journals (Open Access journals do not publish any additional versions such as paginated issue/volume versions).

Steps prior to the Version of Record

Published articles (online) can be easily cited, download and read, any subsequent modifications can potentially impact those who cite/ read the earlier version. JCCT equipped authors to ensure the accuracy of their content in the form of “Galley Version” prior to be published online. The main objective of sharing Galley Version with author is to confirm the veracity of content so that we could upload error free files on our website and then proceed with the publication process (hard copy).

Exception involved when the article is published online but the issue is not published yet, then at the time of printing limited corrections can b made at the discretion of journal editor.

Published article in a journal is assumed as the version of record and can not be altered except where legally required. In case of an error, we will notify an erratum or corrigendum notice to all readers to the problem.