About the Journal

Journal of Communication and Cultural Trends (JCCT) is a biannual, international peer-reviewed journal published by UMT aimed to contribute in the areas of English (American and Asian) Literature, Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, TESOL, ELT, Intercultural Communication, etc.

Review Policy

To ensure that among all the submitted manuscripts only the best one got the chance to published is done through peer-blind review process. We are grateful to our esteemed reviewers who played a vital role in maintaining high standards of scholarly publications.

Steps involved Manuscript Evaluation:

The Journal of Communication and Cultural Trends (JCCT) implies “double-blind” peer review process, in which authors and the reviewers remain anonymous to each other through the whole process.

After the submission of manuscripts, Editor-in-Chief (JCCT) evaluate articles. Manuscript rejected at this stage termed as “Desk Rejection” are based on poor write up, out of the scope, does not anything to the body of knowledge, novelty. Decision of desk rejection normally communicated within 14 days after the submission of manuscript. Those papers who passed desk rejection are then send to at least 2 reviewers for evaluation. Paper at paper review process normally take 3-4 weeks to process.

Referee Selection

Prior to sending manuscript to the reviewer for evaluation his/her research interests are matched with the manuscript scope. Abstract shared at initial step and after their formal agreement to review the manscript complete paper is then shared.

Reviewers Report

Referees are asked to evaluate a manuscript whether it:

  • Is the paper significant and convincing?
  • Does the method, data and analysis support the conclusion
  • Is the referencing appropriate
  • Is the study backed by the relevant and updated literature?
  • Is the paper adding something to the body of knowledge?

Proofreading is not a par of peer-review process, but we encouraged reviewers to suggest changes in the write up and style of manuscript.