JCCT is the journal launched by the Department of Linguistics and Communications, University of Management and Technology (UMT) Lahore, Pakistan. Operational expenses (processing and printing cost) of the JCCT are covered by UMT. Processing cost involves the operational cost of website and database, printing charges of volumes, salaries of editorial and administrative staff and preprint documentation cost. Processing cost of an issue does not encircle the cost of advisory board members and reviewers. Reviewing is voluntarily and does not incur cost to evaluate the paper according to the journal standards. We are humbled that our reviewers are putting their self -less efforts to make the reviewing outstanding and we are obliged for their kind efforts.

Article Publishing Charges:

Knowledge dissemination is the core value of UMT and we are indebted to UMT for supporting the work of JCCT. UMT’s continuous support helps us to grow our journal while managing the cost in-house and enabling us not to charge fee from the authors.

However, with the consent of Editor in Chief (JCCT) and Director KRSS revenue policy can be modified, transformed or redesigned as per the requirements of UMT and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).