The process of review is described step by step as under:

  • Three or more reviewers are asked to offer their consensus for review of the manuscript
  • The reviewers are selected on grounds of their area of interest in the subsequent fields
  • The names / identity of the authors are not disclosed to the reviewers in order to abide by the policy of fair practices
  • The outcome of this round of review may be “Accept”, “Minor Revision”, “Major Revision” or “Rejection”.
  • Two optimistic reviews are obligatory to final acceptance of the paper. However; the final decision concerning the acceptance or rejection will be observed by the Chief Editor of the Journal.
  • The Editor will inform the author(s) of the result of the peer-review process via e-mail. The Editor will also inform the author(s) about the date for the final submission of the article.

The manuscript that gets a re-review statement is then subjected to the Chief Editor’s concluding pronouncement of “accept” or “decline” on the basis of the revised form. This final decision in this regard mostly rests on upon how well the reviewers’ comments and remarks are addressed.