Transcendentalism: The Anatomization of Ted Hughes’ Works


Abeera Bukhari


The current research anatomizes Ted Hughes’ works as in Ted Hughes: Collected Poems edited by Paul Keegan in the light of the philosophy of transcendentalism. The primary aim of this research is to identify and explicate the streaks of transcendentalism in Hughes’ works. The secondary aim is to decipher Hughes’ use of Soul Alchemy as a magical and transforming power. The objective of this research is to prove the existence of a Supreme Being. It also discusses both transcendentalism and Hughes’ spirituality, side by side. It shows that there lies an organic unity in everything and everything has divinity in it, that there is an urge in all to explore the Self and the unknown. It also explicates the common spiritual truth underlying all religions, the value of intuition and the fourfold vision. The current study fills the gap in the research on transcendentalism and its overwhelming position in Hughes’ works which makes it unique. It also expounds the occult powers of poetry. Transcendentalism, Husserl’s phenomenology, Huxley’s perennial philosophy and Jung’s alchemy and individuation were critically reviewed to lay the groundwork for the current research. Thematic, phenomenological and psychological approaches were employed to analyze transcendentalism in Hughes’ works and his preternatural abilities were examined. Future researchers can satisfy their spiritual needs and can do their research by becoming acquainted with his work in the light of transcendentalism as it is deciphered in this study. 


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