News Media Representations of Domestic Violence Against Women in Pakistan

  • Sana Ali
  • Saadia Pasha Allama Iqbal Open University Pakistan
Keywords: Domestic Violence, News Media, Violence Against Women, Ethical Reporting, Journalism


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Incidents of domestic violence against women sporadically appear in media content. Especially, news reporting patterns are based on gendered landscapes through the conventional images of gender identities leading to bias and inequality against women. In this regard, this research also examined the news media reporting of domestic violence in Pakistan. The researchers conducted a discourse analysis of n= 3 prominent Urdu newspapers and gathered n= 87 reports published within the six months. Results indicated a direct infringement of ethical guidelines proposed by major journalist organizations. Disclosing the victim’s identity, proposing the speculations, unsuitable news headlines, lacking helplines details, and attribution mainly with physical violence were the most frequent violations. Therefore, in reporting domestic violence against women, Pakistani newspapers failed to follow the ethical guidelines. The researchers concluded that unethical practices could develop inappropriate and stereotypical narratives about women in Pakistani society. It is essential for the media to ethically report the incidents that can ensure community understanding of the violence against women and its severity.


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