Constructing Gender Roles on YouTube for Children

  • Abbas Rashid Butt Superior University
  • Awais Yasin 1Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Bilal Khalid National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: YouTube Kids; Toddlers learning; Gender role; Child perception; Iconography


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Children are important for each parent and their perceived content is also of keen importance. What they see and what meaning they get through any medium is also consequential. In the present era, most parents are trying to busy their children on mobile phones to do their work calmly. It is a fact that with rapid variation in society how it can be possible that toddlers too are reluctant to use mobile phones. Internet makes it more attractive to them, they not only play on mobile phones but also view their favorite content with ease. For video viewing, the most common source is YouTube for adults as well as children. YouTube is trying to make more room or we can say safe room for them by establishing YouTube Kids (YTK). It is much more convenient for parents to engage their children on YTK and make sure they are far from adult material. In this research paper, the impact of YTK on toddlers’ learning abilities, skills and their concept of gender roles in society through Symbolic Interactionism from these videos is observed. Panofsky model is used to explain things in the light of Eastern and Western cultures. The study explores children having good English skills by using YTK. The problem arises in the way of content. Problems like aggression and Inferiority complex are also observed.


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