The Role of Social Media in Creating Social Pressure among Pakistani Society

  • Saqib Sohail University of Wah
  • Anam Javeed University of Wah
  • Faiza Saleem University Sains Malaysia
Keywords: Psychological Stress, Social Media Exposure, Social Pressure


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This research examines the role of social media exposure upon psychological stress and investigates the moderating role of social pressure between them. An online and self-administered survey was conducted to collect the data from 427 respondents living in e different areas of Wah Cantt, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad .The data was analyzed through SPSS and Smart PLS. The study demonstrated a positive correlation between social pressure, psychological stress, and social media usage.. The findings based on theoretical implications, research gap in literature and the culturally inclusive framework suggested that parents and kids should be provided with guidance on how to use social media effectively. The current study shed light on social media platforms and showed their adverse effects in instilling psychological stress among youngsters. Every time a child uses social media, parents should monitor the activity. If parents observe signs of psychological stress in the behavior of their child as a result of accessing social media, they should provide proper counseling.


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