International Health Review (IHR) is an open access peer-reviewed biannual journal that strives to lead the debate on multidisciplinary aspects of health and medical sciences and to publish high value productive research through a rigorous process of peer-review and evaluation in the field of health and medical sciences for diverse audience of health experts, educators, researchers, scientists, and others. The journal’s mission is to bring novel, significant, enduring, and advanced research of prime importance to health practitioners, researchers and medical experts that addresses challenging questions in health and medical disciplines. The journal is committed to engage, inform, and stimulate researchers’ community by providing them in-depth analysis and extensive knowledge across all fields of health and medicine. 

The journal features original research papers, reviews, and short communication, commentary, and letter to the editor. IHR prefers works of outstanding significance, relevance, and originality in all disciplines of health and medical sciences. IHR also welcomes manuscripts that lie at the interface of other areas such as computation in case of drugs design, Biostatistics, and medical-chemistry to improve research standards in health and beyond.   

IHR encourages authors to submit manuscripts focusing on new advancements and new technologies in all fields of health and medical sciences including health education, practice and investigation between health status and quality of care for individuals, families and communities. The journal further brings a high profile platform to promote research activities falling in the scope of health and medical sciences ranging from Public health & Nutrition, physical therapy, Medicine, pharmacology & pharmaceutical science, and Randomized controlled trials, Nutrition and topics related with other aspects of health sciences. Given that the research is novel, originality, scientific rigor, consistency and highest level of ethical integrity in each of its research articles. 

Subject areas include but are not limited to 

Public Health & Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Science, and Randomized Controlled Trials, Nutrition and topics related to other aspects of Health and Medical Sciences.


The journal aims to develop deeper insight into diverse areas of Nutrition and Health Sciences and to foster communication concerning all aspects of health.  IHR caters to the requirements of students, researchers, academicians, lab professionals, medical practitioners, and biomedical specialists working in industries. 

The journal further offers  time bound and rapid publication of content that disseminates novel research findings and highly accessible editorial articles that explicitly assists early stage researchers as well as field experts.