Volume 1 2015 Volume 2 2016

Volume 1 Issue 1

Discourse Analysis of Prominent Politicians’ Public Speeches: Pre and Post-Election 2013, Pakistan

Amna Iqbal


The Application of Auxiliaries in Verb Structures: A Crosslinguistic Approach

Dr. Azamat Akbarov

A First Approach Towards an Urdu WordNet

Tafseer Ahmed, Annette Hautli


(Post-)Colonial Silence(s) and Critical Practice(s): Some Perspectives on Waseem Anwar’s “Black” Women’s Dramatic Discourse

Muhammad Furqan Tanvir


Towards Sindhi Corpus Construction

 Mutee U Rahman

Volume 1 Issue 2


Urdu Writing Rules for Online Input in PDA's

Fareeha Anwar, S. Afaq Husain



Analyzing the Structure of Urdu NPs with Multiple Genitives

Ghulam Raza


Towards Transliteration between Sindhi Scripts using Roman Script

Mehwish Leghari and Mutee U Rahman



Enhancing Writing Skills through Blogs in an Undergraduate English Language Classroom in Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Umar Farooq , Yasmeen Fatima, Dr Choudhary Zahid Javid


Queering Theory: Empowerment or Threat

Sadia Riaz