The Correlation between Alpha-fetoprotein and Liver Function Tests


Shahid Ali
Aqib Nazeer
Imran Tipu



Serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) level is a good indicator of important pathological stages in patients with chronic liver diseases. This study aims to investigate the alpha-fetoprotein level in male and female patients and to correlate it with other liver functions tests (LFTs), such as ALT, AST, total albumin and total protein.


A total of 100 patients within the age range 20-85 years who visited Shaukat Khanum Laboratory in Lahore were recruited for this study. Automated chemiluminicence microparticle immuno assay and immulite 2000 (CMIA, siemens USA) were used to measure serum AFP level. To measure serum ALT and AST, Architect 8200 kit (Abbott, USA) was used with a reference range of 0-50 U/L, according to the manufacturer’s protocols.


Out of the total 100 samples (55 males, 45 females), 47 samples (47%) had normal AFP level (<5IU/l) and 53 samples (53%) had high AFP level (>5IU/l). A higher frequency of elevated AFP was observed in men at 60.38%. There was no significant correlation of AFP level with ALT (p= 0.38, r2= 0.002), T.P. (P. value= 0.7635 r2= 0.002) and albumin levels (p= 0.07, r2 =0.041). However, a significant correlation was found between AFP and AST levels (p= 0.02, r2= 0.15).


Our study found a higher AFP level in older population (>60) as compared to the younger people (20-40) and a higher frequency among males (60.38%) as compared to females (39.63%). It also found that AFP level significantly correlates with AST level but does not show any association with ALT and albumin levels.


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