Socioeconomic Behaviour of the Micro Urban Areas: A Comprehensive Study of Sachal Goth, Sindh, Pakistan


Yasira Naeem Pasha
Shahla Adnan
Reena Majid Memon
Tania Ali Soomro
Asim Mobeen


The socioeconomic profile of the sub-urban areas in Pakistan is a matter of concern for the presumable developments in the future. The micro urban areas are the indicators of the prospective developments in the city. The role of the prevailing socioeconomic patterns in the city is important for the future developmental opportunities to be identified. These socioeconomic behaviours are depicted through several factors which indicate the behaviours of the inhabitants and the opportunities and discrepancies the particular area is facing. The objective of this research is to explore the socioeconomic behaviour of the inhabitants of the selected area in order to analyze the comprehensive socioeconomic profile of the area. It adopts the mixed methods approach to conduct the research surveys and necessary documentation. It also signifies the understanding of the socioeconomic profiles of the inhabitants in the area by analyzing their historic background, work profiles, expenditure distribution, educational aspects, commercial activities, transport facilities, and the provision of amenities. The findings are detailed out in a quantitative mode and further summarized in the SWOT analysis which also indicates the potential areas for the future developments. The current study takes into account the collective socioeconomic profiles and concludes the organic growth. Moreover, the findings are also helpful to establish that the socioeconomic profiles of the area which can be useful for suggesting the developmental patterns for the betterment of the area. 


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Pasha, Y. N., Adnan, S., Memon, R. M., Soomro, T. A., & Mobeen, A. (2021). Socioeconomic Behaviour of the Micro Urban Areas: A Comprehensive Study of Sachal Goth, Sindh, Pakistan. Journal of Art, Architecture and Built Environment, 4(1). Retrieved from