Analysis of the Conservation Policies Imposed on Shahdara Complex, Lahore, Pakistan


Nida Atif
Asia Jabeen


The cultural heritage of cities and towns is facing extensive collapse and deterioration due to natural and man-made disasters. Indeed, it is a big challenge to preserve the cultural assets of the cities. A number of laws and policies have been formulated to protect the heritage sites and the urban fabric of the historic cities, giving respect to their integrity and authenticity. The core objective of this research is to identify the cavities between the policies and procedures. A core issue is the inadequate implementation of legislation and strategies, particularly with respect to the antiquities, built heritage and the historic environment. The current research focuses on the natural and man-made hazards imposed on the historic structures causing the deterioration of the historic monuments, especially in the Shahdara Complex, Lahore. An analysis of the policies and practices implemented on the selected heritage site was conducted. With the passage of time, the elements of the Shahdara Complex are disappearing. This paper helps to understand the legislation, conservation practices and the impacts of these interventions on the Shahdara Complex. A comprehensive plan is proposed in this research to manage, protect and upgrade the heritage site through resource management and law enforcement while maintaining a balance between the urban sprawl, preservation works and the modern needs.


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