Revitalization of the Urban Space from Grey to Green in Lahore, Pakistan


Ar. Saad Mujahid
Naeema Saeed


Lahore is a metropolitan city renowned for its historical background. It is also known as the ‘City of Gardens’. In today’s world, the progression towards the construction of concrete structures and junk spaces is occurring at a rapid pace. The persona of the city is changing in order to accommodate the booming population. Ecological imbalance is resulting into the disappearance of the fauna from the city. The current study was carried out to provide the inhabitants with various opportunities in the form of lively public spaces that are being lost with the passage of time. The site selected for the project was diligently marked by considering some important aspects including an easy approach and a place that provides a rich amalgam of history, culture, traditional cuisine and education to maximize the interaction of people belonging to different professions. It was designed in a fashion that kept intact the Mughal roots of the city by adding a water feature interwoven with the modern world by carefully planning the vegetation, thus making the selection vibrant and colorful in order to make a concoction of the Mughal and contemporary art. The purpose of the fusion was to attract the inhabitants by building a characteristically distinct place that remains non-identical to the already existing public spaces, as well as to revive the lost culture which is fading away due to excessive construction and environmental pollution.


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